2009: My GNOME year

2009 was a great year: I started to contribute to GNOME this year for the first time.

I’ve worked in Gnome 3 cleanup tasks, bugsquad, GnomeGoals and finally I’ve done some GTK+ patches.

After reading Andre Annual GNOME Bugzilla statistics for 2009, I’ve recollected some of my statistics since my first bug report in 2009-04-26 (255 days ago): [1]

  • 201 Bugs reported (4th position)
  • 300 patches (2th position)

Although some of the patches are quite trivial, I think that they are good numbers for a newbie like me 😉

But the best thing was meet great people in the GNOME community; Thank you to all the people that help me this year, was great work with you 😉

Looking forward to 2010!

[1] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=weekly-bug-summary.html;days=255

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