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Musical Perfection

I like music. I like a lot of different kinds of music. But from time to time I hear a song that makes my body tingle, the sort of song that doesn’t sound like it was written, but rather discovered; a ‘perfect song’, so to speak. I discovered another perfect song this evening while listening to my local radio station: Beirut’s ‘A Sunday Smile’. Happily, it is currently available as a free mp3 download at Beirut’s official website, and I’ve been listening obsessively all night. I think maybe I should stop before I overdo it.

R has been making huge strides (haw!) in her walking ability. She’s practically up to running already, chasing the dog and cats around the house with glee. She’s pretty much completely given up on crawling at this point, and just walks everywhere. I’m also happy to report that she seems to be developing a love for music: whenever we start singing, she stops what she’s doing and starts swaying back and forth in a little dance.


We’re also nearly at the stage where we learn which words we say way too often. For instance, R has been making a lot of wordlike sounds lately, but she’s only just recently started saying ‘no’ very clearly and quite frequently. For instance, she’ll walk over and grab a big handful of dirt from the potted plant (to eat, naturally) while saying ‘no no no no’.

Update: by request, for those of you without flash, here’s a direct link to download A Sunday Smile in mp3 format.

New modes of transport

r decided to welcome in the new year by taking her first steps on her own. Every day she gets more and more stable, I don’t think it’s going to be long until walking becomes her main mode of transportation. It’s an amazing thing to watch, but also a bit scary since we now have to keep a much closer eye on what she might be getting into around the house.

GNOME Developer Tools

I feel like my GNOME development environment is finally becoming really comfortable. This weekend, while working a little bit on Agave, I ran into a couple issues, and fired up Nemiver to debug the problems. Then I made the commit using giggle.

In the past, I’ve used GNOME applications for web browsing, checking email, viewing images, listening to music, and all of my other day-to-day computer activities. But I’ve never really had any GNOME tools that I’ve been able to use for development. It feels like we’re finally making progress on some good basic development tools for GNOME, which makes me really happy. In addition to the ones I mentioned, there’s also some really great stuff happening in the new versions of glade3, and there seems to be some good stuff happening in Anjuta as well (though I don’t personally use an IDE). All in all, I’m pretty positive about the future of developer tools in GNOME.

In other news, Ruby is still the-cutest-baby-everâ„¢ and doing really well. We’re even getting some decent sleep (though decent is pretty relative I suppose).