“API stable”

13. October 2006

Of course it is very nice to keep a platform stable over a period of time. But if we want to do that, we should do it correctly. And for me API stability means, that all widgets behave the same they behaved in the stable release before, even if the behaviour was a bit wrong in the previous release.

So Gtk+ 2.10 introduces this bug because the behaviour of GtkAboutDialog changed. I guess the behaviour was not correct before but that really doesn’t matter.

I just imagine how many bugs an application written for Gnome 2.0 and Gtk+ 2.0 will have today if it had not been changed since.

So please do not argue that there is not need for 3.0 because we don’t need API changes…

BTW, thanks much to Don Scorgie for helping so much fixing this help bug.