Linus’ metacity patches

17. February 2007

So, I just read Christan Schaller’s blog about the patches Linux Torvalds submitted to metacity and control center.

As that is not really mentioned anywhere (and I had to search various mailing list archives) here is the original mail, so anyone can get an idea of what these patches do and why someone would want to have this options. I don’t know if this patches a good, useful, whatever.

I am just a bit upset about the way this communication happened between people from GNOME and some contributor. I say some contributor here because we should not make any difference between people willing to help us. Linus is like anyone else and if he sent patches to the wrong mailing list than we can politely tell him. Of course, Linus might not have ever been fair to the GNOME community but nevertheless nobody should treat him differently than anybody else therefore (see Code of Conduct).

GNOME rocks! Let’s make it even better!

2 Responses to “Linus’ metacity patches”

  1. danielk Says:

    Well, if we would treat Linus like any other contributor we would certainly not accept his blunt statement “I don’t use bugzilla”. So he actually gets preferred treatment. I’m not saying that this is necessarily bad — at least it’s good for PR, if nothing else. By the way, a couple of his patches to metacity have been applied already.

  2. Hi Daniel!

    Well, the main reason for the blog entry was put point out that I am not interested in the flamewar but the patches. And as there was not much in bugzilla about the patches, I linked the mail explaining what they do.

    BTW, I opened the metacity prefs the first time ever today, so I assume (as a power-user) that I haven’t missed anything in the last years…

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