maemo gtkmm booster

1. March 2007

To speed up application start-up the clever people at Nokia wrote Maemo launcher. It is a quite dirty hack that tries to keep many things in memory and to fork to main() once an application is started.

Of course something like this would be nice for gtkmm/maemomm too. maemo-launcher supports different booster modules and thus we can add a gtkmm booster modules. I spent most of the day figuring out how all this works and finally finished a very simple booster. The gtkmm booster currently simply calls the methods from the gtk booster (as we need all the stuff from gtk anyway) but in the future it will also do some gtkmm specific stuff.

If you are interested you can have a look at the sources (you will also need the patch from this bug against maemo-launcher). It is still broken in many places but at least you should be able to start some apps. Start the launcher using maemo-launcher --daemon --send-app-died --booster gtkmm.

One Response to “maemo gtkmm booster”

  1. murrayc Says:

    Fast work, as ever.

    So, the gtkmm booster can initialize gtkmm, with Main::init_gtkmm_internals() (a static method). And a maemomm booster (separate tarball, please) could initialize hildon-libsmm and hildon-fmmm, by calling their init() functions, or as much as libosso allows.

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