You thought weather was bad in Birmingham? Forget about it! When I came home (not really…) I saw the most heavy rain ever in my life. The whole region was declared a disaster area and each and every road which could probably have taken me home was flooded.

So after two hours of driving through the night and finding no way to the place where my parents live I ended up driving to my flat in Erlangen which was luckily still reachable. This morning, about 10 hours after the rain stopped, the motorway and the railway is still interrupted and rescue stuff is working all over. But I am finally there after at least some roads are usable again.

Anyway, time to thank some people:

  • For the beer: Philip and Dirk-Jan
  • For sponsering the trip: Openismus
  • For helping me solving the public transport problem and for the interesting talk during
    the flight (and for writing all these cool open source articles): Andreas
  • For giving me a Vala introduction: Jürg
  • For beeing awesome: Everybody!