Joining the recent discussion about Ubuntu packaging policies I would really prefer if they would update their versions to the stable branch. For us developers it’s a lot of work to backport things to the stable branch and fix the major bugs in it. We do that because we don’t want to force people to use unstable versions and because the stable version has lots of users and therefore lots of testing. In general it is unlikely that a x.0 version will ever be released without some minor/major bugs because the development version has never enough testers and something will be missed. Anyway, we do more stable releases for the one and only reason that distributions can update their packages and give their users better software. If you don’t trust us that our new stable version won’t brake everything than we really can’t help you that much.

Anjuta 2.3.3 was released yesterday and this will mean that UI should now be frozen. We did a lot of bug-fixing in the last weeks. Thanks to all those people testing and reporting bugs and writing patches. Also thanks to my two GHOP Students, Philipp Kerling and Boleslaw Kulbabinski for their work and I hope to see future constributions from them. [EDIT] Forgot that I wanted to ask for some volunteer artists to have a look at #511000 and maybe also #510047.

In the meantime I have been working on the Glom drag & drop stuff for Openismus. Unfortunately there is still nothing that could be shown but be sure that I will post a screencast once it is finished.

There has been a lot of discussion about locking upstream translations in Launchpad. Many translation teams agreed here but we probably have to sent some official request to the Launchpad people. I hope that is no big deal as we usually have a good relationship with Ubuntu.