svn:externals for noobs!

20. February 2008

As I am usually far to lazy to RTFM I had to learn how to add externals definition to subversion the hard way. But as other might probably need it, too, here is how it works (mind the dot at the end…):

svn propset svn:externals "<directory name> -r<revision>" .

The problem is that after that command it will not work because you have to commit the property change first:

svn commit -m "Changed external property"

So here is the final example:

svn propset svn:externals "eggtoolpalette -r853" .
svn commit -m "Added eggtoolpalette"
svn update

And now you will have eggtoolpalette revision 853 in your tree. Thanks to herzi for helping me solving this problem on IRC.

One Response to “svn:externals for noobs!”

  1. Chris Lord Says:

    I think you can just svn up without committing after adding externals? Might/Probably be wrong though…

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