FOSDEM and GTK+ bugs

26. February 2008

FOSDEM was great fun and I had a great time with Jürg and the Swiss Vala Gang.

Here is a photo from the “What you dislike” part of the GNOME wall (sorry for the bad quality):

bug #57060

Would be cool if the Gtk+ Hackweek would result in a fix.

And if someone wants to fix the anjuta top-crasher (which is a gdl/gtk+ bug), review the patch at bug #467698 – Thanks!

Update: I did not write that note but the bug number is #56070. Thanks to andre and ebassi for pointing out!

2 Responses to “FOSDEM and GTK+ bugs”

  1. aklapper Says:

    caution, FUD spreaders around!
    it’s bug 56070 and not bug 57060. :-P

  2. eek, it seems I inverted the 6 and 7 on the bug number – it’s obviously bug #56070, not bug #57060.

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