Anjuta status update

30. April 2008

So, we all have been busy to improve anjuta over the past weeks. Now, there are also some user visible changes in the UI:

  • Sebastien implemented a new Run plugin which eliminates the mess of having a Build->Execute and Debug->Execute which both do not really fit. Instead, there is now a new “Run” menu which allows you to run programs (with or without debugger) and set a lot of parameters including environment variables of all kind.
  • Due to popular request I started a document-manager bug-fixing day and added some of gedit features to anjuta (#529528 and #453702). There is now a “Documents” menu that allows switching between the open documents (by the menu and by keyboard). To avoid cluttering the menu bar too much, the “Goto” menu is now a submenu of the “View” menu as I guess people either use accels to access these items or rarely use them.
  • Work on the new symbol database continues. Massimo is doing a great job and the project-wide symbol are already working great (requires libgda-v4). Now, we have to work on the system wide symbols to autocomplete all libraries bound to the project.

Screenshots coming soon…

One Response to “Anjuta status update”

  1. jhs Says:

    It’s not so good in the moment because we can’t resolve things like object->member correctly yet but we try to work this out for the next release (2.6)

    The new symbol database now knows about namespaces, classes, etc. so the symbol tree is created correctly for C++.

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