Anjuta 2.5.90 released

19. August 2008

Anjuta team proudly announces the first unstable release Anjuta
DevStudio 2.5.90 that will eventually lead us to stable 2.6.0 release,
code named Cyclone. This is an unstable release, so be sure to adjust
your expectations accordingly. This is release is for upcoming GNOME
2.23.90 release.

There has been a huge changes done in this release from the last one,
both in terms of adding new features and improving existing ones. Also
large amount code cleanup to remove use of deprecated APIs was done.

Most important changes:

  • New git plugin
  • Improved build plugin allowing out of source builds and different configurations for debugging and profiling
  • Autocompletion for the gtksourceview editor

Thanks for this release to (alphabetically):
Halton Huo
Sabastien Granjoux
Massimo Cora
Arun Raghavan
Marc Lorber
Johannes Schmid
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne
Yuriy Penkin
Abderrahim Kitouni
James Liggett

and on Localizations:

Clytie Siddall,
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Jorge Gonzalez
Yannig Marchegay
Djihed Afifi
Yuriy Penkin
Yannig Marchegay
Johannes Schmid
Ihar Hrachyshka
Jovan Naumovski
Duarte Loreto
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
Yair Hershkovitz
Nickolay V. Shmyrev
Ilkka Tuohela

Download: ?


Translations updates:
ar, be@latin, de, es, fi, gl, he, mk, oc, pt, ru, th, vi

Updates and bugfixes:
* Fix #536372: Write __MAX_BAUX instead of __MAX_BAUD
* Fix a crash when GNOME Terminal is not installed
* now search for symbols can be done also in global tags. Added a new
to search function and adjusted dependencies on different plugins.
* Put tables.sql into distribution
* Fix #536889 anjuta doesn’t pass “make check”
* Fixed #537398 – crash in Anjuta IDE: Closed project
* Fix #537134: critical warnings tools->plugin_deactivate
* Fix #534523: anjuta parses filenames from make wrong
GMatchInfo need to be freed even when regex fail in build_get_summary
* Fixed a possible bug where the project-manager plugin is deactivated
* Fix #536375: libsocket not included cause build fail on Solaris
* Add new scratchbox 1 plugin implementing IAnjutaEnvironment
* Enabled tooltips for recent files to identify full paths.
* Ported file-manager to gio
* Fix #530215 – Have a message area like gedit
* Using glib/gi18n.h instead of libgnome/gnome-i18n.h
* Fixed a crash on file selection. Gave enough buffer for the formated
time print.
* Restore text focus on switching editor with ALT+X and
navigating from local-symbols view.
* Fixed #528699 – Auto-indent ignores spaces-per-indent settings
* Fix #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix again #538798: UI selected tab document differs from real one
* Fix #538921 – Duplicated folders
* Fix #539726 – Completing port to GIO
* Fix #513156 – Get rid of libgnome(ui)
* Fix #538443 – Missing files in
* Fix #538906 – Enable state “Max actions” when “No limit” toggled
* Fix #449620 – Implement autocompletion for gtksourceview editor
* Fix #540731 – Port editor to gio
* Fixed loading of files from the command line
* Fixed crash when double-clicking on a breakpoint.
* Change (nearly) all interfaces to use GFile* instead of uris
Document all shell variables
* Fixed #541313 – Crash on saving file
* Fix #515954 – wrong anjuta-tags path
* Fixed global tags loading
* Fix bug #538217: Run in terminal option isn’t remembered
* Fix bug: Debugger sources directories isn’t remembered neither
* Fixed “Hide binary files”
* Fix #539551 – AutoComplete doesn’t work
* Fix #539551 – AutoComplete doesn’t work
* Fix #357697 – readonly file can be edited
* Fix #511762 – Multiple selection don’t work well when hitting enter
* Fix #535173 – UI isn’t updated on closing all documents
* Fix #500962 – Further icons
* Fix #475244 – AC_SUBST() not needed after PKG_CHECK_MODULES()
* Fix #518594 – Get rid of .anjuta and follow fd.o specifications
* Fixed #541689 – Filter buttons added
* Fixed symbol-db plugin for threaded libgda calls
* Show all completions even when the editor makes own suggestions
* #541941 – Crash on searching with regular expression
* Fixed #542838 – is creating tags in root
* Added ‘continue global tags scan after abort’ feature.
* Allow to build project outside source directory (fix #540782)
* Fix crash on closing project due to the previous patch
* Add more options for build command: parallel make, keep going on error
and keep message untranslated
* Fix another crash on closing project with a file outside project
* Fix #375640: Allow user to stop a build in progress
* Fix #534566: expand shell variable in configure parameters
* Fix #543889: Crash typing in configuration field
* Fix #522825: Opening files from shell disable build->compile menu
* Fix configuration name not displayed, error when compiling target
outside project
* Fix #543978: GPL license shown in COPYING file irrespective of
which license selected
* Fix #544190: Crash double click on item in stack trace
* Fix #530630: Scintilla hand up after hit return
* Fix #544841 – Cursor set on a wrong line when I click
* Fix several memory leaks in build plugin
* Keep all command data in one object
* Fix #544495: Memory leak
* Avoid using the same function name in interfaces implemented
by the same object to avoid trouble with bindings
* Fix crash on 64bits machine due to the previous change (thanks
* Fix #543149 Project doesn’t rebuild when file is changed
* Bug #529270 – GSoc: Git Plugin, alpha release 3.
* Add header file to expose libanjuta versioning information.
* Add a preference for the new visible whitespace feature of
* Pull GIO into the libraries that libanjuta links against. (Bug
* Fix #542432 – Svn diff doesn’t work correctly
Convert the output of svn diff from localce to utf-8
* Fix #545673 – A bug in isymbol_get_file function
Use g_file_new_for_uri() instead of g_file_new_for_path
* Fix #546620 – Build- and make dist fixes (with some small changes)
* Fix #420279 – INS and OVR do not immediately change in status bar
* Save files in their original encoding
* Use a fallback dialog if the document was not added to the
yet (#545557 – Crash pressing on message view)
* Fix #493818 Close project with opened target properties dialog opened
crash Anjuta
* 545624 – Toolbar broken
* Lots of improvements to symbol-db
* Use uf8_strlen instead of strlen to avoid selection problem with
non-ASCII search strings (see #440637 comment 15)
* New git plugin (Anjuta GSoC project)

Happy coding!