libgdamm 3.99.0 released

11. November 2008

After working the last couple of weeks for Openismus on updating libgdamm to the new API of libgda 4.0 I can finally announce libgdamm 3.99.0, the first unstable release of what will eventually become libgdamm 4.0.

It breaks API with the existing libgdamm 3.x line and replaces various classes with superior implementations. This should bring a lot better performance. Thanks to Vivien Malerba for his great work on libgda and for fixing all the C++ relevant bugs I filed.

You can download libgdamm here:

Now, we can finally start to port glom to the new API and fix bugs!

2 Responses to “libgdamm 3.99.0 released”

  1. Vivien Says:

    I’ve just downloaded the tarball and it seems it requires libgda >= 3.99.7 which means people will have to download the SVN version of Libgda to test it (last published is 3.99.6).


  2. jhs Says:

    @Vivien: Oh, sorry about that. Actually 3.99.6 is fully ok and I just took the wrong version because I missed the post-release version bump of libgda.

    Anyway, I think the people that are testing this alpha version will most likely be able to install libgda from svn. I will correct this for the next release.

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