Anjuta 2.26.0 released

20. March 2009

file-treeSo, yeah, we relaesed another version some days ago. You may want to read the previous posts about the new features here. Most notibly in the final version was the addition of  version control information to the file viewer. You can now see the status of your files using an emblem system like the famous TurtoiseSVN for Windows. It is actually meant to also work for git and we hope to get this done very soon in the next stable versions. There are some bugs preventing it at the moment. Otherwise everybody has done a great job and we significantly reduced the amount of bugs (from about 120 to 70, exluding enhancements)

As usual you can get the lastest version here:

Another interesting thing for some people is probably a new alpha version of the vala plugin. It’s still a bit buggy and incomplete but I would invite some of the vala developers out there to try and improve it.  It’s completely written in Vala so you can have some fun in this area!

Happy coding!