Yesterday, I started to implement Murray‘s/Mathias‘ idea to add the ability in GTK+ to add a widget beside the tabs of a notebook. This makes of course only sense in application where only a few notebook pages are used usually and there is a lot of space left in the tab area. But of course it will also allow to add little combo boxes in this area like Mozilla Firefox, to give the user some additional features for the notebook navigation.


The basic code is now in place and it is less complicated then I expected. Anyway, there is still some stuff to do:

  • Position of the widget (like GTK_PACK_START/END)
  • whether the widget should take the whole space available (GTK_EXPAND)

The API is pretty simple up to now and only consists of gtk_notebook_set_tab_widget (). Patch coming soon to your nearby bugzilla.

2 Responses to “Save the world – waste less pixels”

  1. Carlos Garnacho Says:

    See bug #116650 😛

  2. ethana2 Says:

    Well, not as drastic as I would have liked, but whatever.

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