As Murray already mentioned we updated the Clutter Tutorial over the last weeks for the upcomming Clutter 0.9/1.0 release. Clutter 0.9 makes some hacks obsolete that were necessary to archieve some functionality in the past so we could concentrate more on straight-forward ways this time.

The tutorial features some new sections:

  • The new GtkClutterViewport widget allows scrolling of GtkClutterEmbed widgets and is decribed in the new Stage Widget Scrolling section.
  • Some notes were added for using Timeline markers.
  • ClutterAnimation has replaced the obsolete ClutterEffects API and thus ended up in the new Animations section. This section also explains how to use ClutterAlpha properly.
  • The biggest new API is probably the new ClutterText widgets that allows use-cases from a simple label over a single-line entry to a full-featured multi-line text input box.

Unfortunately some links to the API documentation are not working yet because the clutter-gtk API documentation for 0.9 is not yet available online. The tutorial is also available as pdf.

Development of the tutorial happens in the clutter-tutorial module on GNOME git.

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  1. hendi Says:

    W00t, I was just digging through the clutter API and trying to fully understand it when I read this post. Thanks for the great work on this tutorial and the pointer to it 🙂

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