In case someone is wondering why I am not responding to mails or in general constributed only very few things in the last weeks I was mostly full-time working on our second year formula student car:

This is the first year we are participating both in Silverstone (FSAE UK) and Hockenheim (Formula Student Germany). After we failed horribly in Hockenheim last year with a half-finished overengeenered car our big aim this year was to have a running car. And actually things worked really good, we finished all disciplines.

We had some technical problems in acceleration and the drivers need more practice for skid pad, so we did not yet get good results there (look for car 74 – University of Erlangen). But after we already had a good pace in the sprint, we managed to offer an absolutely fantastic endurance result in difficult (english) weather conditions and finished in 3rd position. Overall this puts us on the 16th place in the overall results which is better than we could ever dreamt off.

We have two busy test weeks until Hockenheim and hope to be lucky again there and probably even improve our results further!