GtkNotebook action widgets

9. November 2009

Remember the good old days when bug nummers started with 1xxxxx? Well, now we have one bug less in this area, GtkNotebook finally supports widgets in the tabs area:

GtkNotebook with action widgets

GtkNotebook with action widgets

(Note that the buttons here are just examples and this was done mainly for testing purposes).

Why could this be useful:

  • Firefox-style “Add tab”-buttons
  • Saving space when dealing with notebooks that have a constant (and low) page number
  • probably much more

There is nothing in the HIG yet of course and you should use it with care. I hope it’s useful though.

Credits go to Carlos Garnacho for the original patch and to Mathias Clasen for reviewing my patch and adding GtkBuilder support. Also thanks to Openismus for letting me finish this!

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  1. shuerhaaken Says:

    very nice! and useful, too.

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