For my fellow Vala hackers…

23. February 2010

Symbol Manager with Vala symbols …I proudly present support for Vala symbols in the Anjuta Symbol Manager. This will mean you can browser and search your project symbols like you can in C and JavaScript. This will either work with the automake backend of the project manager for automake >= 1.11 with Vala support or at your option with the new directory backend for automake < 1.11 or custom Makefile rules.

Credits go to Abderrahim Kitouni (former GSoC student) for writing the vala parser for ctags. We hope to add full Vala support including autocompletion and probably debugging before 3.0.

In related news, Anjuta 2.29.91 “Vala la révolution” was released with many stability fixes today. Give it some testing. Naba already did an awesome job in filing bugs for a lot of small but annoying issues. Follow his example 😉

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  1. qnull Says:

    Great news! I’m really looking forward to that!

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