Re: Anjuta UI work

5. April 2010

Today, I finally took the time to fix the optical trash from the embedded tab change I did some time ago:

Anjuta with correct tab buttons

Voilà, tabs look like they should now. Actually this wasn’t that easy to implement and requires a custom GtkContainer widget which is a bit painful to write. There might be some possible improvements in using the correct border/shadow for the notebook but I haven’t figured out a better way until now.

2 Responses to “Re: Anjuta UI work”

  1. ßeich Says:

    When will we get CMake support for it?

  2. Luis Matos Says:

    one thing i don’t like in gtk and specially GNOME apps is that sometimes they implement a different UI and unexpected behaviour.

    The ultimate app that makes all this is ooo, but anjuta also does (did) it. I see this as a good evolution 🙂

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