Long story short

On LinuxTag I was talking to Vincent and Stormy about improving our developer experience and Stormy was proposing to do some kind of hackfest. At that time I really wasn’t sure how that should be done and who to attend.

Anyway, after talking to many of the documentation guys at GUADEC we kind of came up with a plan and a basic set of people to attend.

The Goal

In short: Make GNOME an awesome and state-of-the-art development platform. That probably means to redefine lots of things in the developer documentation and tools to attract new developers and make existing more happy.

In the end, that should mean more and better GNOME applications of course.

When, Where, What, Who

The only really fixed thing we have is a locations that is

Openismus Office



Thanks a lot to Openismus for sponsering the venue!

Currently we are thinking of scheduling the hackfest at the beginning of December 2010, detailed dates are to be announced when we know who is attending to avoid conflicts.

I already listed some people interested in attending on the wiki page but we really want more people to attend.

Why you should attend

We are looking for the following kind of people

  • (Development) documentation people
  • Developers of the development tools
  • Developers interested in making things easier
  • People who tried to get started in development and ran into all these difficulties we want to solve
  • Especially people doing Python (Julie: hint, hint!) and Vala development (or some other language) because we really want to make sure to have those as first-class citizens.
  • Designers to make things looking great
  • Marketing people because a lot of what we do will be a great marketing thing

I also know that quite a number of people at the major distributions (Red Hat, Novell, Canonical) are working on fixing that problem and I would love to have them around. We are also still looking for more sponsers to be sure that everybody is able to attend.

Stay tuned, don’t hesitate to ask and if you are thinking you could be the right person to attend, well, you are!