So, finally the Python plugin originally developed by Ishan Chattopadhyaya in GSoc 2009 has made it’s way into the master branch after some heavy modifications.?? As usual the auto-completion and calltips are fully asynchronous and won’t be in your way while typing. You need to have the rope libraries installed for it to work (and that’s not checked for now…) and they are used as backend. As I am not a Python programmer I cannot really say if the support is complete but it shows a reasonable amount of information. As python is not a strong-types language this are actually a bit tricky and all the dirty work is done inside rope.

Enough words, some screenshots:

Autocompletion for python objects


Python calltips


Patches welcome…

All Python programmers are encouraged to test this, give feedback (Bugzilla) and ideally write patches to improve this.

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One Response to “Anjuta gains support for Python”

  1. danilo Says:

    Python is not really weakly typed: it’s simply not statically typed[1] 🙂
    Of course, dynamic typing makes this harder to implement.

    Anyway, sounds like great news. I’ll give Anjuta another go once I find some time 😉


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