Our beloved interface designer used in about any non-trivial GNOME development isn’t really in a good shape for 3.0 currently:

  • Doesn’t build against 3.0 libraries
  • Doesn’t include all the fancy new GTK+ widgets: GtkComboBoxText and friends

Even worse that really few people are working on it, most important Tristan, but he is busy making GTK+ awesome and so has little time to fix things up. And in addition, glade is one of those many applications that aren’t trivial to port to GTK+ 3.0 because they use a lot of API that has been deprecated while not having an obvious replacement.

While taking about all the bad things there is some light on the horizon. I created the offscreen-gtk3 which can be build against the latest GTK+ stack. It even starts up and you can see windows, unfortunately though you cannot see any widgets because the offscreen rendering is broken. Offscreen rendering is needed as glade cannot any longer embed GtkWindows directly as GTK+ expects windows to have no toplevel and GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS to hack around this is gone. The basic idea is to render everything to an offscreen window and then embed it inside the glade window. In the past hours I played a bit with this but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

So, this is your turn: For experienced GDK/GTK+/Cairo hackers it shouldn’t be too difficult to make this working. If you have an idea that works, just commit it to that branch. When we have a half-way working glade I am pretty sure it will be possible to add the remaining widgets and make a rocking release for 3.0!

One Response to “Help making glade ready for 3.0”

  1. Gerd Says:

    There’s a small copy&paste error in glade-design-layout.c line 631.
    attributes.height = gdk_window_get_width (window);

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