Small Anjuta feature update

24. November 2010

After we have bothered a lot in the past months to build everything against the GNOME 3.0 stuff and fixing lots of bugs it is time to introduce a tiny new feature:

Compiler errors shown as tooltips of the editor marker

4 Responses to “Small Anjuta feature update”

  1. Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita Says:

    Can’t it be done in a “live” fashion, like in eclipse or kdevelop?

    • jhs Says:

      Depends if you want to have make running in the background all the time. I guess something like that could be done.

      For vala it is indeed done on-the-fly, but there are no tooltip yet afaik.

      • Marco Diego AurĂ©lio Mesquita Says:

        What about a simple in-line syntactic checker to catch common errors like unbalanced parenthesis?

  2. Abhinav Says:

    Can you please give an-idea, how to set the environment for Erlang, in Anjuta ?

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