Hackfest Update

4. December 2010

Day 1

We ended up doing a lot of planing of how to organize things and ran into quite some discussion. One of the surprisingly difficult points was to define what the “GNOME Platform” is. In the end we came up with this (and a lot more):

  • Create a central entry point for developer documentation
  • Add a platform overview
  • Write 10-minute-tutorials for the most important libraries with interesting examples. Of course we won’t be able to create all of them (especially not in out five target languages: C, C++, Python, Vala, Javascript) but we try to come up with some that can be extended over time.

Day 2

Today (well, yesterday) we finally started to get things done. Phil and Andreas worked on creating the platform overview page and templates for the 10-minute-tutorials. Most of the others started to write cool small applications in different languages show-casing our platform and make tutorials out of what they wrote.

After lunch, Shaun gave a very nice introduction to mallard and André decided to port the evolution docs to mallard, but he didn’t finish it (yet).

The worked quite nice for C and Vala but Jon and Jonh ran into many introspection issues and Jon got really annoyed by trying PyGI with cairo but he is making progress now.

In the meantime, Fréderic worked on secret improvements for library.gnome.org but I will leave it to him to present those.

Some impressions:

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