For people closely following the development of Anjuta that feature is actually quite old as I presented it on GUADEC but it didn’t get included until the upcomming 3.0 release.

Thanks to GtkBuilder signal autoconnection you actually don’t need to care about manually connecting signal anymore but can defer that job to glade. And as glade is integrated pretty much into Anjuta you also don’t have to care about creating correct prototypes for the signal handlers as you can just drag them into your code:



This does not only work for for C but also for Vala and Python. It is actually even clever enough to detect if the handler is already present and to add the handler to the header file if the header file is open.

Documentation Hackfest

Apart from that I am sitting at the documentation hackfest in Toronto fixing up the developer demos we started in Berlin and fighting with various programming languages and bugs.

9 Responses to “Drag and Drop signal handlers”

  1. Knaldgolf Hebber Says:

    Looks nice. Anjuta is getting really good these days.

    Feature request: Upon startup you can choose to import an existing project. It would be awesome if it was possible to browse through branches at GNOME projects and import those.

    It must be a matter of reading an autogenerated file from an index of GNOMEs git-server or something.

  2. Thura Says:

    Wow, cool.

    One thing that would make me really happy to see in Anjuta is floating dock, like docks in Mono Develop, eclipse and netbeans.

    • jhs Says:

      I don’t know what you mean by a “floating” dock, basically you can detach the docked windows if you want in anjuta. Anyway, file an enhancement bug.

  3. Benjamin Otte Says:

    How cute, a 90s blog post with before and after pictures. <3
    In this millenium, you would be recording a tiny video (or gif) of the feature. :p

    • jhs Says:

      @Benjamin: 1. I am lazy. 2. Recording a video on a netbook sucks because the resolution is just too small to actually show what I wanted to show in a useful workflow. But next time, maybe.

  4. Awesome mojo. Anjunta is shaping up pretty nicely. We should integrate it more into our development workflows. If I can find the time I might even start hacking on it again.

  5. John Stowers Says:

    Hi, this looks really good with the Adwiata theme.

    I talked to aday (Allan) from the design team, and he suggested that the large tab size might be a bug. They look much smaller in the mockups.

    • jhs Says:

      Might be, that is latest Fedora here but I user a smaller font size than the default because the netbook screen is rather small.

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