Together with the release of GNOME 3 the new GNOME developer center was launched today. This is just the first step to make GNOME 3 a great developer platform but I hope it is already a big step!

There is still a bunch of things missing, like proper API documentation for languages using introspection (Javascript, Python) but things got a lot better with the new platform overview and will certainly improve in the future.

I have to especially thank Fréderic Peters who did all the dirty backend work on the infrastructure in the last days & weeks so everything could be launched on time.

However, this wouldn’t have been possible without many amazing people (in no particular order):  Andreas Nilson, Julie Pichon, Phil Bull, Shaun McCance, Daniel g. Siegel, Patricia Santana Cruz, Ekaterina Gerasimova, David King, Jon Nordby, Chris Kühl, Jonh Wendell, Andre Klapper, Germán Poo and P. F. Chimento, hoping I didn’t forget anyone.  And of course the beautiful cities of Berlin and Toronto!


6 Responses to “GNOME3 – for the developers”

  1. Mathias Hasselmann Says:

    > proper API documentation for languages using introspection

    Maybe MSDN docs can serve as good example here. They permit display of API and examples in the prefered .NET languages. So maybe the generated gtk-docs could get CSS and JavaScript voodoo to display signatures and examples in prefered language? Not sure how well this would work, or if there still independent docs are needed for explaing language specific syntatical suggar. but then this language specific notes also could just be shown as box.

    || Python: Do it snake style…
    || ….

    hope you get the idea. one document explains many programming languages. so only one place to maintain documentation. one place to raise awareness of c hackers of gir language issues…

    • jhs Says:

      Well, I think this is the idea and as introspection relies on gtk-doc anyway it should be doable someone. The vala guys also have valadoc which seems to do something like this. However, the Vodoo is simply missing at the moment and we should probably consolidate our JavaScript engines first.

  2. Mathias Hasselmann Says:

    content of the new dev pages is awesome, btw. love how examples and tutorials are presented.

    • jhs Says:

      These aren’t technically part of but of the corresponding libraries. If you don’t like the stylesheet used on, report a bug against library-web, if you think the content of library documentation is wrong, report it against the library. Thanks.

  3. Carlos Garnacho Says:

    A really nice improvement :), it’d be great to have some popups in the platform overview so newcomers find out at a glance what’s each library for.

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