Code-In time!

27. October 2011

It is time for Google Code-In again! In short, this is the little sister of Summer of Code for high-school students. Instead of one big task for a student it consists of many small tasks that can be finished in a couple of hours/days. From the experience of the last years we can expect highly motivated and skilled students there, that are eager finishing as many tasks a possible.

This is a great opportunity for GNOME to invite new contributors and it also helps us to fix all these small things we don’t have time for usually.


We need tasks!

In order to participate we need to provide

at least 5 tasks in all of the 8 categories sorted by difficulty level

and therefore we have already setup a wiki page that is slowly filling up with tasks. There are categories for Code, Documentation, Outreach, Q&A, Research, Training, Translation and UI therefore everybody should be able to contribute something.

Deadline is Monday, 2011-10-31!

For more details, please check Andre’s post on DDL and if you have any questions, please ask Andre, me or preferably post on gnome-soc-list.