Tue 06 Feb 2001

  • hacking (apacheconf): Hosed at work. Had a productive day today, but only now realize how much is left to be done — as is often the case.

  • hacking (music): itp sent me a copy of his Mister Ruperts Ripping and Encoding tools. Groovy name, but it’s written in perl. Still, I hope to use it to oggify my CD collection.

Mon 05 Feb 2001

  • hacking: started working on some tools to re-rip my CD collection into ogg files. I’m using the cool CDDB module available at http://csl.cse.ucsc.edu/~ben/python/cddb.html

  • entertainment: Watched Fight Club with Zana again. Much fun.

Mon 03 Feb 2001

  • meta: Federico pointed out that I have been forgetting to update this, so I will start doing so again.

  • camera: Southern California was fun. Zana and I got a digital camera for christmas — a Olympus D-490Z. After spending a long and frustrating time trying to get it to work with GPhoto, I finally RTFM. The stupid thing doesn’t communicate unless the front cover is open. So I took some pictures of my doggy: http://webwynk.net/~jrb/jester1.jpg http://webwynk.net/~jrb/jester2.jpg http://webwynk.net/~jrb/jester3.jpg

  • weekend (tv): XFL is on. It’s going to suck. I’m going to watch it anyway. Blargh.

Mon 04 Feb 2001

  • entertainment: XFL sucked. A lot. So much so, that Zana sent me out to rent a movie. I rented Highlander, and watched it. Woo — that’s one more movie that I’ve been meaning to see watched.

  • consumerism: Went furniture shopping with zana this morning. We looked at a bench to put by our front door, so people can take off their shoes easily. Went to Ecko, and picked out some fabric samples. Also grabbed a CD-RW at stayonline. Now that I have the camera working, I’m going to want to store the pictures on something.

  • College Sports (hoops): Watched UNC beat Georgia Tech. Not a bad game — almost worth fighting through traffic for. Also saw UCLA beat Stanford. Should make my brother happy. I watched a lot of TV today.

  • work (apacheconf): Gave some more thought to handling Environment variables. I think we can get another public release out to the testers list on Monday.

Sun 04 Feb 2001

  • meta: moved to old-style ChangeLog entries. This way I can get a time-stamp in too. Also, added a nice colorization script to make it look nicer.

Mon 19 Dec 2000

  • work: Spent half the day reading mail. The other half getting caught up in Alchemist work, and the last half trying to finish a UI. Busy day.

  • food: Had dinner with Owen and Zana. First went to Carolina Coffee House. Shut. Then went to a sportsbar. Also shut. Finally, had to settle for Pepper’s Pizza. Not too bad, but not too great. Better then my frozen empanada at lunch though. Apparently downtown Chapel Hill closes for christmas.

Mon 21 Dec 2000

  • zana: Knitting like mad on my sweater. It looks cool…

  • work: Unproductive day. Helped Crutcher track down a memory-corruption bug. Did some glade-work. Then tried to do some more work on GtkTreeModelSort to ease my conscience.

  • dog: Jester caught an opossum earlier tonight. He seemed rather proud of himself, but got a shower for his troubles. The opossum appeared to be quite dead, but ran off a few minutes later. I guess they do that.

  • xmas: Opened presents from my uncle and aunt, rather then drag them all the way to LA for Christmas. Zana got a book of Welsh poems. I need to learn Welsh — it’s such a cool looking language. I need to learn Cantonese first, though…