Going to GUADEC (again)

Waiting for the bus

Unlike for most of you, GUADEC will be starting a day early for me as this is one of the only opportunities for the board to have an in-person meeting, which means that I will be in Brno from tomorrow evening. This board meeting is normally the time when the handover from the old board to the new board is completed and the new board takes responsibility for the various roles.

A few things to keep in mind when travelling in the Czech Republic:

  • Withdraw cash in odd amounts so that you do not end up with a 1000 CZK or 2000 CZK note because it’s a pain to spend the larger notes. I recommend withdrawing 800 CZK or 1800 CZK at a time.
  • Buy transport tickets, the fines for not having a ticket are high.
  • Four useful phrases:
    • Thank you: deek
    • Please: proseem
    • I want to pay the bill [at a restaurant]: zaplatit proseem
    • [Pay] together/separately: do hromady/kazdi vlazdi’

4 thoughts on “Going to GUADEC (again)

  1. John Markson

    “Buy transport tickets”

    No shit! Do you often skip paying for services that you use?

    1. kittykat Post author

      Most attendees do not speak Czech, so I do recommend that when there are no ticket machines and the driver is waving you away, that they really need to insist on a ticket.


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