Writing about Mallard

Google Doc Camp 2013This week, some of the Documentation Team are visiting Google in Mountain View to write a book about starting with Mallard. The sprint is being facilitated by Adam Hyde and Allen Gunn, who have organised book sprints before. The aim is for a small team to produce a book in three days. What makes this sprint more interesting is that two other teams are working alongside us to produce introductions to OpenMRS and BRL-CAD development. We have also been joined by the very enthusiastic Amanda French and Heidi Waterhouse.

Our first day was spent getting to know the other teams, sharing our project with them and pinning down the table of contents. In the evening, Amanda and Heidi started setting up a working environment for using Yelp. It has been very useful to see how our tools are presented by the Internet at large to potential users. For the most part, the available information is accurate, although some details needed to be clarified, which we will do in the book.

We are now half way through our second day and the first version is almost complete. Tomorrow we will be refining the existing content and expanding the book where necessary.

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  1. andre

    Oh, Heidi is with you? That’s very very cool (I talked with her about Mallard at OpenSourceBridge conference)!


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