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GUADEC videos

Interns lightning talks by Ana Rey, CC-by-SA 2.0The GUADEC videos had been put up a little while back on SuperLectures, where they will be available at least until next year. As a more permanent solution, the videos are also available on http://videos.guadec.org/2013/ (incidentally, this also means that we’ve run out of space on our backup machine).

If anyone is interested in creating a pretty website, which is gnome.org-like, for downloading the videos, they should come forward as I hope we will have more videos to add next year.

Also, I found out this year that there were no videos from the Desktop Summit 2011 (Berlin) because, after the network failure, the USB hard disk impromptu backup solution did not work as the camaras produced data too fast and the recordings were jittery.