When Iain’s compositor will be merged

Someone asked about this and I was going to tell them, but then I thought I’d say it here. I will merge Iain’s compositor branch when:

  • there are no known
    • large memory leaks
    • security holes
    • crashes
  • it can be turned off entirely from ./configure and GConf
  • when it is turned off in GConf or ./configure, the code paths are substantially the same as before the merge
  • I actually compile it myself and see it working on a computer in front of me
  • there are no smaller nitpicks like coding style and so on

So far most of these have been met, but not all at once. Note that “it all works perfectly” is not a criterion: it is important that it’s easily testable in standard unstable releases. On the other hand, “Metacity is as stable as before if you turn compositing off” is a very important criterion.

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