2008-02-29: for when your mouse says “Wurlitzer” on the side

Havoc sends along a link to GNOME bug 44927, an excellent answer to the question “But why not just include this patch? It’s only a bit more code!”: “I included this patch [“support >5 mouse buttons”] since it seems harmless.”


  • GNOME bug 437910 – there has been a fair amount of interesting discussion off and on about this one. Currently you can resize windows with alt+middle drag, but this is unusable with many laptops. Should we change this to alt+right drag, as some other window managers do? Should we have a general “we don’t have a middle mouse button” flag somewhere? How should we make decisions like this? This is also the first Metacity bug to come up on the Ubuntu brainstorming site; feel free to make suggestions there, incidentally, since we ship on Ubuntu, and we’ll see them and link them here. Raising bugs in GNOME’s bugzilla will certainly find us, though, because they appear here through a script.
  • GNOME bug 468075 – Sven does further work on tracking down this remarkably long-lived bug about maximisation
  • GNOME bug 482354 – Colin Walters updated the patch, which has been waiting for review for a fair while and had rotted. We should decide what to do about this before Firefox 3 comes out, but it’s a major undertaking to make a decision (otherwise it would have happened already).
  • GNOME bug 509165 – first-time contributor Andrea Del Signore provides a patch to add “spacer” as a button type, which went in today.
  • GNOME bug 513944 – a new clue in this segfault, which looks pretty useful (the clue, not the segfault)
  • GNOME bug 517722 – Elijah said that there are many actions done better by a process outside the window manager; Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen has a tool called winwrangler which does this, but it is blocking on GNOME bug 518606
  • GNOME bug 519128 – some files from Søren’s compositor were left behind
  • GNOME bug 519188 – a new focus issue

Thomas’s hit list for the next few days: GNOME bug 518606, GNOME bug 513944.

Checkins on trunk



  • On branches/gnome-2-22: ca by gforcada
  • On trunk: zh_HK by chliao, zh_TW by chliao

Happy Leap Day, everyone.

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