Bug hitlist, first week of May

Hooray, hooray, the first of May, Metacity unit and regression testing begins today. Okay, so it doesn’t scan as well as the original, but it’s almost as exciting. Well, perhaps. I (Thomas) am planning the framework at present, have something fairly solid in my head now, and will probably post something up here in the next few days when I have it planned out so everyone else can argue it :)

As well as this, here are the bugs on the front burner for me for this week: if you want something else fixed, talk to us about it (and send us patches!):

* GNOME bug 499996 (possibly aka Debian bug 443933 possibly aka Debian bug 460712)
* Launchpad bug 221144 (possibly aka Debian bug 476386) (may be related to the above, although perhaps not)
* Launchpad bug 216049 – restore to wrong workspace
* GNOME bug 468075 aka Launchpad bug 133541 – vertical maximisation ignores struts, apparent regression
* GNOME bug 528927 — something to do with _net_wm_state_demands_attention, details a little unclear
If you think it should be different, feel free to advocate below.

Are there distributions not using Launchpad which have a systematic way to link to upstream bugs that we could make use of for keeping people installed?

This is the first time we’ve used the new “bug hitlist” tag, which may become partly automated like Metacity Journal is. If you’re working on a bug in Metacity and you have an @gnome.org address, feel free to post bug hitlist entries; if you are and you don’t, feel free to comment to one of them and ask for one to be made or added to.

I shall post Metacity Journal tomorrow, I think, but I just wanted to acknowledge the particular good contributions that Santanu Chatterjee has been making on fixing problems with keyboard grabs during drag-and-drop.

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5 thoughts on “Bug hitlist, first week of May”

  1. Oh, wonderful, thanks: I’ve added those. Should I mail the Debian bug address and link here?

    I should try to figure out how to get Debian’s tracker to email me new Metacity bugs.

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