St. AlbansThanks to Patrick Niklaus, Ted Percival, Eric Piel, Akira TAGOH, and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version.

  • Fix memory allocation problem in struts (Eric) (probably fixes GNOME bug 468075)
  • Ensure windows which start maximised know where to jump back to, so they don’t warp to other screens (Ted) (GNOME bug 504692)
  • Icons for windows which are uncooperative enough not to provide an icon are taken from the theme, not built in (Patrick) (GNOME bug 524343)
  • Added manual page for metacity-message (Akira, from Debian downstream)
  • Added header comments to some files (Thomas)

Translations: Khaled Hosny (ar), Petr Kovar (cs), Ilkka Tuohela (fi), Duarte Loreto (pt), Djavan Fagundes (pt_BR)

This is the first release from trunk after the branch for the new stable release.

Two points of note, in the hiatus of the Metacity Journal:

  • The release script numbered the NEWS entry as 2.25.1.  I don’t know why (except that the release script is often unhappy around branch time, which is why we will be moving to moap sometime soon).  I have numbered it back to 2.25.0 in trunk, but the version on the download site still has the misnumbered version.  I don’t know if it’s worth doing a whole new unstable release just for this one thing.  Perhaps we should skip 2.25.1 because of this.
  • The fix Patrick supplied in GNOME bug 524343 is correct, but we are missing a name to use from the icon theme. Rodney Dawes gives some suggestions on that bug.  Other discussion is welcome there too.

Photo: St Albans Abbey, (c) thtstudios, cc-by-nc-nd.

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