Any autotools geniuses out there?

I can’t tell why this setup doesn’t compile test/veracity/veracity.c.  What am I missing?  I freely admit I suck at autotools.

(veracity there is not much like the version which will end up being merged at all– it’s just the bones.)

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2 thoughts on “Any autotools geniuses out there?”

  1. apply the following patch and run ./configure –enable-veracity

    — (revision 4083)
    +++ (working copy)
    @@ -252,7 +252,7 @@
    -AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_TESTS, test x$build_tests = xyes)
    +AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_TESTS, test x$enable_veracity = xyes)

    ## if no compositor, still possibly enable render
    if test x$have_xcomposite = xno; then

  2. In replace:
    AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_TESTS, test x$build_tests = xyes)
    AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_TESTS, test x$enable_veracity = xyes)
    and run ./configure –enable-veracity

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