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Year of the Ox Lantern - UnlitIt’s been a few weeks since the Western new year (though the Chinese new year is coming up), so it’s a bit late for resolutions, but let’s pretend. There are currently 447 open bugs on the Metacity bug tracker, which I think is an unsupportable situation. So let’s say that by 25 January 2010 all the bugs will have been dealt with.

That’s a bit more than one a day. I’m going to need help.  Will you help me?

Out of these, 19 are tracker bugs and so don’t count towards the total. These would be better done with keywords, anyway.

There are a few crashers which are either reproducible or they aren’t.

Most of the bugs are squibs, ideas that someone raised for us to consider.  Some of them have patches.  We need to decide one way or the other whether these are going in.  For the ones which aren’t, we need to decide a place to keep all the patches which didn’t make it in.  This can be done with a wiki page linking to all of them; when we have a DVCS, we could also have a branch for each.

I think I’m going to introduce a Bug of the Day feature here where we discuss the possible impact of each such bug.


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  1. I think it’s a good idea, it just may not be enough time. If I knew more about x server programming I would gladly help.

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