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I posted a while ago about a system to represent window border styles in CSS. Well, once we had a workable system sorted out, it was time to add the support to a window manager. So I’ve recently been working on adding CSS support to Metacity. The most fiddly part so far has been getting the window geometry calculations right, rather than actually rendering anything.

On the right you can see the Human theme rendered using CSS, and below it the result of adding a blue border to the CSS.

Clearly I still need to fix:

  • text rendering
  • getting the rounded corners on the physical window and the corners rendered in CSS the same

but I believe it won’t take more than a few days to get this to a state where other people can happily play with it.

Meanwhile, you can follow the work in the “cowbell” branch in git, or on the project’s home page (which will eventually have more interesting content).

Special thanks go to Collabora, who supported this project and let me do some of it on work time.

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