Bug of the day: hiding “(as superuser)”

sulking HulkAs we mentioned the other day, there are some situations where Metacity’s ability to mark a window as running as root is unhelpful. One of these is during installation: this naturally runs as root, but it baffles new users to be told “Install (as superuser)“.

For this reason, GNOME bug 605137 requests a hint which can be added to a window to suppress this message.

Thomas has implemented this as the hint _METACITY_HIDE_USERNAME, and there is also a test case.

This patch may also be of use to other distributions, assuming we keep the “(as superuser)” ability at all– see GNOME bug 609431.  It may not necessarily go into the master branch, unless it would be useful to other people.  If it doesn’t, perhaps it can be a distro patch.

Photo © Sharyn Morrow, cc-by-nc-nd.

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