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Bournville Maypole: The ChainI want to apologise to all the people who have been waiting on Bugzilla recently, especially to those of you waiting for patch review. There’s a terrible mountain of work to do, and few people doing it, and I’ve had a lot of my time taken up writing a book. But none of that is any good excuse.

My heartfelt thanks go to Owen Taylor and others who have stepped in to review some patches.

Here are the patches processed so far today:

  • GNOME bug 611260 – a simple patch to remove a warning for pedantic linkers
  • GNOME bug 577576 – Metacity was reporting a warning where there should not have been one
  • GNOME bug 570275 – this seems to be Subversion-specific and is presumably no longer relevant
  • GNOME bug 609502 – a crash in some circumstances retrieving a string list from gconf.  This appears to introduce a memory leak; asked patch author to reconsider this.
  • GNOME bug 565540 – Metacity doesn’t refresh keymaps when XKB refreshes.  Definitely a problem.  Owen reviewed someone else’s patch; I attempted to fix that patch to meet Owen’s objections.
  • GNOME bug 573922 – when there are two timestamps we could use for a window, use the earlier one.  This fixes a Nautilus issue.
  • GNOME bug 531012 – small memory leaks
  • GNOME bug 572332 – removing more deprecated symbols

There are about fifty bugs with patches remaining for review, and I’ve decided that this is my priority for May. By the end of the month I’d like to have reviewed all the patches. After that, I’ll go through and triage everything, and post the results here. One day, I’d like to get the bug count down to zero, but that clearly won’t happen this year.

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that the mark of a successful Free Software project is precisely that you can never get the bug count down to zero. :)

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