2007-12-11: just a quick roundup

A quick overview of where the action’s at in Metacity today. Not even a picture of a pub. As ever, dive in and discuss where you like, here or on bugzilla or on your own blog: we thrive on audience participation and we love to hear from you.

  • GNOME bug 502644: a lot of people think the minimise/restore, and drag/resize wireframe animations are ugly, and ask to be able to turn them off in various combinations (other than the combinations you can already use).

    It would be better to fix the animations, really: do any of you have any suggestions how they could look better?

    Also, would anyone who doesn’t like the wireframe applications be happier once we have a working compositor anyway?

  • GNOME bug 115584 (yeah, an old one): Someone wanted a way to name, and bind keystrokes to, a large number of workspaces. At the moment you can bind up to a dozen with gconf, although there’s no reason it shouldn’t be more. Thomas proposed a scheme to let users bind n instead. Havoc said it would be crazy to have 64 workspaces each with its own keybinding. Thomas conceded this point. I think this is heading towards WONTFIX territory.
  • GNOME bug 436257: when you cancel a keyboard resize the arrows should be consistent whichever side you end on. We have a patch for this now.
  • GNOME bug 430198: theme preview should have the theme’s name in the titlebar, shouldn’t it?
  • GNOME bug 333548: Alex’s patch reviewed and is basically good; some fixups suggested
  • GNOME bug 439749: someone supplies a patch to add “maximise vertically” and “maximise horizontally” to the list of things that can happen when you double-click a window; it is their first patch, and Thomas attempts to be friendly while also asking whether it’s worth adding in new code for a feature that probably nobody has ever wanted yet
  • GNOME bug 501365: dead code removed; fixed
  • GNOME bug 403148: looking for some memory leaks
  • GNOME bug 499301: refactor which probably isn’t interesting to any of you
  • GNOME bug 133896: handle some X errors more gracefully

Elijah and Iain: I am thinking of making this entire blog licensed cc-by-sa. What say you? Anyone else?

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