Purpose of an election

Agree with what Luis Villa wrote. Meaning Murray is exactly using this year’s elections to voice his opinion , and any calls for retraction on that grounds are misguided.. This is the time to make such things known. Saying that he should rather only vote than speak up for this reason is not what the intention of an election is. Anyway, Luis Villa has worded it much better than I can, see his post.

I’m fine with people saying it should’ve been worded differently. But don’t tell someone to be quiet. Anyway, I won’t be voting for Og Maciel.

Update: Since this post Og Magiel said he intented that post to have a different meaning. I still have trouble reading the update there in any other way (the part about ‘use this year’s elections to really voice his opinion’), not what the post initially stated. However, as he says he didn’t intend that, then I respect it. Meaning, it is not an no, but a ‘have to check’ (only decided to vote for one person ATM).
I still wouldn’t vote for anyone who wants people to be quiet though (e.g. argue about how it was said, the contents, but not that people argue). The latter is a clear no.

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  2. Hi Olav, thank you for your last comment and this update. I definitely never meant that people shouldn’t voice their opinion and only wish Murray had chosen his words a bit more carefully. Now, there is obviously something wrong going on that needs some serious investigation, and I intend to get to the bottom of it. After reading some more posts I started to wonder why wasn’t the “admission” to the Planet ever dealt with the ticketing system? This way things are transparent and there is a “paper trail” to hold people accountable.

    Anyhow, thanks again for your comment.


  3. Og: instead of the ticketing system I suggested Bugzilla (‘same difference’). The ticketing system is not a good choice (bad UI, tickets not visible to everyone, etc). Bugzilla should be suited perfectly (some people won’t like to create an account for that though, but too bad). See the ‘website’ product (perhaps additional s). Jeff didn’t respond when I mentioned this on the foundation mailing list.
    For various reasons unfortunely we do need the ‘not visible to everyone’ part for sysadmin/account tasks. At one point I hope to replace that with Bugzilla though (lot of work, not enough time, etc).

  4. Good morning Olav; I was wondering, why don’t we start a new thread going in the foundation mailing list suggesting bugzilla as a means to request entry to the Planet? What do you think?



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