Here are more random tidbits that I forgot to add in my
GUADEC summary:

  • While working
    on some icons for gnumeric, Tigert had set his
    desktop background to display an ocean image (I think it was
    or something similar). On top of that, there was
    xfishtank using the shape extension. Well, I could not
    believe how many people came and asked “hey, you have a cool
    background, what program did you use to do that?”

  • Wacom has probably sold a few more tablets by now, after
    some people saw how easy it is to use the GIMP with these
    nice tools (and Tigert is very good at demonstrating that).
    The support for pressure and tilt really makes a difference.

  • The presentation of Pango and the plans for
    GTK+ 1.4 were very interesting. As a kind of joke, I
    asked Owen if GTK+ would support UNICODE for the name of its
    internal signals. The answer was no, of course. Think
    about how you would read some source code containing signal
    names in Japanese, Greek, Arabic and so on… Wouldn’t that
    be fun? (err… no!)

  • Nautilus can be extended to support more file formats
    (for creating thumbnails or viewing some files inside the
    Nautilus shell). I think it uses bonobo components for
    that. It would be very cool if the GIMP plug-ins could be
    used in Nautilus. Many plug-ins have been written to
    support exotic file formats and it would be nice to be able
    to use them in other GNOME applications. But bonobizing the
    plug-ins should not be considered until after the GIMP 1.2

  • Some people use gmc and like it. Really!
  • Considering how much some hackers were drinking at the
    HelixCode party, it is good that none of them were drowned
    the Seine (the party was on a boat). Or maybe the corpses
    haven’t been found yet…

Hmm… I will probably add more later, when I

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