I posted my
on using GdkRgb in Ghostscript, in the LinuxToday
about Raph‘s open
letter to the Ghostscript community. IMHO, GdkRgb is the
best solution and those who see it as an attempt to force
them to use “Gnome stuff” on their desktop do not understand
the way GhostScript works or what GdkRgb is.

This is not new, but it looks like anything that mentions
Gnome is flamed by KDE bigots, and vice-versa (yes, it does
happen both ways). The interesting thing here is that the
most vocal critics are not developers and/or show clearly
that they do not understand what they are talking about.
Sure, they want someone (who?) to fork GhostScript,
presumably to create a highly productive KDE branch or
something like that. What a bright idea! Sure, they could
get rid of any Bonobo linking, but throwing GdkRgb away
would be stupid.

Sigh! Even if you are careful about what you communicate
think that Raph’s letter
was nice and explained very well that using GdkRgb would
have no influence on KDE), some morons will find a way to
interpret it in a different way.

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