Sophie was born 6th of September, a bit before 16:00. She is not a small baby, weighting 4.390 kg and measuring 55 cm, but she did not take too long to come out and greet her happy parents Isabelle and Raphaël. A couple of hours later, she met her sister Catherine who is now two years old. The baby and mother are doing fine. The main job of the father was to hold the mother’s hand. This very important job was accomplished successfully according to the mother.

The picture below shows Sophie less than 4 hours after her birth. She was about to ask for more food…

3 thoughts on “Sophie”

  1. Congratulation, you have just been awarded
    – a bunch of sleepless night
    – milk parties
    – free trips to night clubs to pick her in 15 years from now

    And i hope for you and her, years of joy.


  2. Thanks Tchize!

    I can deal with the sleepless nights. The trips to night clubs to pick my daughters will probably be more “interesting” but fortunately I still have a few years to be prepared for that.

  3. Congratulations! I remember that our efforts more than doubled when our second daughter was born (people had been telling us that a second child was less work because you are already experienced), but after 3 years it becomes easier * grin *.

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