28.01.2008 Foundations of Open Media Systems Conference

The FOMS 2008 is over now (2 days), and I think is was very efficient. I participated in the discussions on how to fight patents (mainly get rid of FUD by counter actions like documenting why we think that a particular open source software is not affected by software patents). I also became maintainer of libsydney, a cross platform audio library for linux, windows and mac. We also discussed the last API details, so I hope to produce a first release soonish.

19.01.2008 KDE4 Release Party report

Yesterday I attended the KDE4 release party in Hamburg. I was there at approximately 23.00 – the party was almost over. However, I managed to meet Harri Porten, who had invited me to the Party. Most people were already leaving. Well if you haven’t checked out KDE4 yet, try it. Its certainly better than almost every Windows or Mac OS X Desktop out here. Finally I was with Harry Porten, Frerich Rabe and Benjamin Otte in a nice spot having something to drink and sharing News about the recent developments in BEAST, Benjamins Free Flash reimplementation and the stuff Harri and Frerich have been working on (a commercial product called Froglogic Squish).