26.03.2008 Commercial BEAST support available

The german computer company TWC is offering commercial support for BEAST now. After having supported aRts and BEAST development by paying travel expenses, providing bandwidth, web space and mailing list services, this is the next logical step. So if you want a specific bug to be fixed, or buy a computer with BEAST preinstalled, you can now.
* german version of the BEAST/TWC page
* english version of the BEAST/TWC page

13.03.2008 BEAST joins LinuxAudio.Org

The sequencer and modular synthesis software BEAST is now member of LinuxAudio.Org. This is good news, because most musicians don’t know yet that Linux is a great alternative for making music. Supposedly its too hard to install, maintain and use; but if you look at what experienced users really can do with Linux, this seems like an unjustified opinion formed years ago, when Linux admittedly was not so easy to use. But these days are over. Fortunately :)

11.03.2008 The Fantasy Project

The Fantasy Project is an annual challenge. Each artist who participates can create his own song, as long as he uses the lyrics given below (“Jean Lucs Poem”) unchanged. All styles of music, such as classical, blues, rock, metal, rap, dance, techno, house, … are welcome.
* Fantasy III
* Fantasy II
All songs are under a Creative Commons license.

05.03.2008 My Job at MCS

Since Monday, I am working for MCS Hamburg, which is a quite professional internet provider and systems integrator. This means getting up earlier than I usually needed to, since I have to be here from 9am until 5pm. Howerever, this also means that I will be available on IRC, ICQ and via phone during these times in March. The MCS staff is very nice, and I enjoy working here a lot :).