Gameeky released

After three months of development, Gameeky reaches its first public release. This project is the result of nearly fifteen years of experience contributing to education projects and mentoring young learners.

I am happy to share it everyone!

Although this project can still be considered in early stages of development, it’s not far from being feature complete. This first release comes the following:

  • A game launcher to manage projects more easily.
  • A game client to play games cooperatively.
  • A scene editor to create and modify game worlds.
  • An entity editor to create and modify game objects.
  • A Python library for a LOGO-like experience.
  • Plugins support to extend the games logic and entities behavior.
  • An offline beginner’s guide.
  • The first thematic pack to create role-playing games in a medieval fantasy setting.
  • And more…

Gameeky is available in English and Spanish, including the beginner’s guide.

The recommended installation method is through GNOME Software from Flathub. Alternatively, it can also be installed  from the terminal:

flatpak --user install flathub dev.tchx84.Gameeky

The first thematic pack can also be installed from the terminal:

flatpak --user install flathub dev.tchx84.Gameeky.ThematicPack.FreedomValley

Moving forward, these are the next steps for Gameeky:

  • Improve the user experience and accessibility, e.g., supporting undo operations on the editors and allowing these editors to be fully usable with the keyboard.
  • Stress test the entities system, e.g., figuring out what else can’t be modeled with it and improve it without making it unnecessarily complex.
  • Address performance issues, e.g., optimizing the rendering pipeline and the communication protocol.
  • Create new thematic packs for different interests, e.g., robotics, sci-fi, urban cities, etc.
  • Produce more in-depth tutorials, e.g., videos to show how to create new thematic packs from scratch, an introductory course to Python built on Gameeky, etc.
  • Support more languages, e.g., providing translations of its user interface and beginner’s guide.
  • Other important miscellaneous tasks, e.g., designing a proper icon for the desktop.

To achieve some of these goals I plan to take Gameeky to its users, by organizing workshops and hackathons with students and teachers here in Paraguay.

If you know any organization or individual that might be interested in supporting these workshops financially or otherwise, please feel free to contact me.

Author: Martín Abente Lahaye

I am an experienced Software Engineer, an open source contributor, a member of the GNOME Foundation and Sugar Labs.

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