Gameeky 0.6.0

After a busy month, a new release is out! This new release comes with improved compatibility with other platforms, several usability additions and improvements.

It’s no longer necessary to run terminal commands. The most noticeable change in release is the addition of a properly-integrated development environment for Python. With this, the LOGO-like user experience was greatly improved.

The LOGO-like programming interface is also bit richer. A new Rotate action was added and the general interface was simplified to further improve the user experience.

It’s easier to share projects. A simple dialog to export and import projects was added, available through the redesigned project cards in the launcher.

As shown above, Gameeky now has a cute desktop icon thanks to @jimmac and @bertob.

Should be easier to run Gameeky on other platforms now. Under the hood, many things have changed to support other platforms, e.g., macOS. The sound backend was changed to GStreamer, the communication protocol was simplified, and the use of WebKit is now optional.

There are no installers for other platforms yet but, if anyone is experienced and interested in making these, that would be an awesome contribution.

As a small addition, it’s now possible to select a different entity as the user’s character. Recently, my nephews decided they wanted to their character to be a small boulder. They had a blast with their boulder-hero narrative, and it convinced me there should be more additions like that.

There’s more, so check the full list of changes.

On the community side of things, I already started building alliances with different organizations, e.g., the first-ever Gameeky workshop is planned for March 23 in Encarnación, Paraguay and it’s being organized by the local Python community.

If you’re in Paraguay or nearby in Argentina, feel free to contact me to participate!