Flatseal 2.1.0

I am happy to announce a new release of Flatseal. This release comes with refined visuals, improved performance, support for a new permission, quality of life additions, and fixes.

Starting off with visuals and performance improvements, these are the result of adopting new widgets and features available in Libadwaita 1.4. The new Adw.NavigationSplitView widget looks cleaner, and the Adw.Breakpoint removes the need for ugly hacks that plagued adaptive GTK applications for years. I can attest that the migration effort is totally worth it.

In preparation for the next Flatpak release, I added support for the new –device=input permission.  This new toggle option won’t be accessible until the Flatpak release happens and gets into users systems.

Moving on to quality of life improvements. This time I focused on not having to restart Flatseal or manually intervene when externals changes occur, e.g. installing or uninstalling applications or running flatpak-override from the terminal. As a bonus, it will now remember the last selected application and resume the selection later.

Regarding fixes, I improved the validations for text field permissions to detect prohibited characters and, as an extra step, improved the overall experience when handling with broken overrides files.

Moving forward, my priority is to focus on the back-end models in order to overcome known limitations, e.g. not being able to deny permissions globally, among other things.

Last but never least, thanks to @wsxy162, @Vistaus, @kbdharun, @cho2, @eson57, @Vovkiv, @AsciiWolf, @RacerBG, @MiloCasagrande, @daPhipz, @sabriunal, @ovari and @NikolaiES for their contributions with translations, and to @rusty-snake for always keeping an eye on the issues tracker and answering people’s questions.